e-SAFE façade solution for integrated seismic, energy and architectural renovation.


adaptable energy-efficient environmentally friendly

e-PANEL is a prefabricated timber-based panel applied to the outer walls of the existing building. It integrates local insulating biomaterials, customizable finishing, and new high-performance windows to replace existing ones. Installation is done using mobile lifting equipment to reduce implementation time and occupants’ disruption. e-PANEL can be combined with e-CLT and/or e-EXOS to increase the seismic resistance of the building and renew the architectural image of the building.


seismic resistant energy-efficient environmentally friendly

e-CLT is a prefabricated cross-laminated timber (CLT) panel applied to the outer blind walls of the existing building. It is connected to the beams of the RC framed structure through seismic energy dissipation devices (friction dampers). In case of moderate ground motions, the CLT panels increase the seismic capacity of the structure, while in case of stronger ground motions, the friction dampers dissipate part of the input seismic energy, thus reducing the seismic demand of the structure. e-CLT integrates local insulating biomaterials and customizable finishing and is installed through mobile lifting equipment to reduce implementation time and occupants’ disruption.

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seismic resistant fully reversible environmentally friendly

e-EXOS is an exoskeleton consisting of customizable 3D steel trusses connected to the existing RC framed structure, if needed also through seismic energy dissipation devices. e-EXOS reduces the seismic vulnerability of the building by preventing the activation of the storey collapse mechanism, reducing the drift demand of the structure, and increasing its strength and dissipation capacity. It can be combined with e-PANEL and/or e-CLT and contributes to renovating the architectural image of the building.


indoor comfort energy-efficient renewable energy

e-THERM is a retrofit solution that improves the energy performance of dated and inefficient thermal systems in existing multi-storey buildings. Providing heating, cooling and DHW services, it will improve indoor comfort conditions and reduce energy consumption. e-THERM includes centralised electric heat pumps replacing or integrating the existing generation system, and local plug-and-play DHW storage devices (e-TANK) with an integrated hydronic module that facilitates the connection to existing or new hydronic networks. A customised control logic optimizes operation by reducing heat losses and increasing users’ autonomy. e-THERM also includes a PV system with batteries for electrical storage, managed to optimise RES consumption.


adaptable high-efficiency monitoring system

e-TANK consists in innovative decentralized domestic hot water storage tanks with a volume of 150 liters, which are available in a thin, space-optimized variant, but also in a cylindrical, cost-effective version. The tanks can be charged via a hydraulic, electric or hybrid (both) charging system, and they can be easily combined with a plug and play (pre-assembled) hydraulic unit, in which all relevant components for optimized operation, control and monitoring are integrated. The installation in the demo site in Catania includes a flat tank combined with a hydraulic unit optimized for hybrid charging, and a full control and monitoring system.


user friendly data analysis monitoring system

e-BEMS is a tool designed to manage and monitor environmental parameters and energy data in the pilot building. The web interface for technicians provides complex functionalities in a user-friendly structure and offers extensive data control including data analysis, graphical visualization, and data downloading. Technicians access real-time monitoring of the pilot building's microclimate, PV production, heating and cooling consumption, and the e-TANK temperature for real-time visualization and analysis. The mobile application focuses on the residents’ needs: through its simple interface, residents can monitor air temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in their rooms, as well as Domestic Hot Water temperature and PV production, while also receiving useful notifications.


decision support tool user friendly data analysis

e-DSS (e-SAFE Decision Support System) is a simple and intuitive software tool conceived to support professionals during the preliminary co-design process of an e-SAFE building renovation. The users can assess the energy performance of the building in its current state. Then, they are guided in the creation of a renovation project with the e-SAFE solutions (e-PANEL, e-EXOS, e-CLT, e-THERM): the tool facilitates the choice of the most suitable solution in terms of energy and seismic improvement, while also calculating energy savings, environmental benefit, and payback time. The tool is intended for all types of non-historical buildings and is available at https://esafe.eng.it/. For further information please contact: marilena.lazzaro@eng.it. See also a presentation of this tool at: https://zenodo.org/records/10948464


workshops online webinars video tutorials

e-TRAINING are training activities aim to transfer knowledge about the e-SAFE solutions to local designers and manufacturers. Five free face-to-face training events will be organized in Italy (two events), Greece, Romania, and the Netherlands, from November 2024 until spring 2025. Each event will consist of half a day of introductory presentations, plus a one-day workshop including practical design activities. The e-SAFE team will also release three online webinars (45-60 minutes each) to increase e-SAFE awareness and communicate with prospective clients on a user-friendly platform. Moreover, four short video-tutorials (10 minutes) will address the design of the main e-SAFE components. Webinars and video-tutorials will be released from November 2024.