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Timmerfabriek WEBO BV

Bart Voortman
Tel: +31 (0) 548-518011


Carpentry Factory WEBO is a family owned business (SME) with a clear view on the future. Core business is the production of wooden frames and elements. Innovation, advancement and improvement of our daily production routines are major activities to enhance the competitiveness of WEBO on the market. Recent developments include the implementation of a new production line for wood frames based on a series of one, expanding the range of the product ‘scaffold less renovation’. WEBO works close with clients on challenging projects in both the residential and non-residential construction sectors.

The main focus of WEBO is on industrialization through the use of BIM. As inventors in the carpentry industry, WEBO has been engineering with BIM for over 8 years. Years of innovation, training and practical development have enabled WEBO to realise large and small projects in BIM.

In e-SAFE, WEBO is mainly involved in conceiving and prototyping the e-SAFE technologies, where they

design, prototype and test the innovative panels developed within e-SAFE. They are mainly involved in the production of the panels to be installed in the real pilot, since they provide training and quality control to local production companies.