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Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica S.p.a.

Massimo Bertoncini
Tel: +39 06-8759.1

Engineering Group is one of the main actors in the digital transformation of both public and private companies and organisations, with an innovative range of services for the main market segments. With 40+ locations (in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and USA), the Engineering Group designs, develops, and manages innovative solutions for the areas of business where digitalisation generates major change, such as Digital Finance, Smart Government & E-Health, Augmented City, Digital Industry, Smart Energy & Utilities, and Digital media & Communication. With its activities and projects, the Group is helping to modernise the world in which we live and work, combining specialist skills in the final frontier of technologies, technological infrastructures organised in a unique hybrid multi-cloud model, and the ability to interpret new business models. With important investments in R&D, Engineering plays a leading role in research, coordinating national and international projects and participating in international networks playing the dual role of promoting research on software at an international level and transferring innovation to the production cycle of the business structures.

In e-SAFE, ENG leads the ICT infrastructure activities (WP4), where they are responsible for the design and development of the innovative Decision Support System (e-DSS). As a large IT enterprise, ENG has a long experience in the development of innovative IT solutions, applied to different applications domain. ENG is also involved in the demonstration phases as well as in the communication, dissemination and training activities, where they will provide assistance to all stakeholders using their e-DSS.