The e-SAFE Decision Support System is ready!

The e-SAFE partner Engineering Ingegneria Informatica (ENGINEERING), with the support of University of Catania (UNICT) and University of Bologna (UNIBO), has completed the first release of e-DSS, a Decision Support System aimed to assist designers in the preliminary design stage of building renovations based on the e-SAFE technologies (click here to have more information).

Based on the geo-localisation of the pilot, its geometric features and some information added by the user, the e-DSS guides the designer to the choice of the most suitable e-SAFE renovation solution. It also allows assessing – with a reasonable degree of approximation – the energy performance of the building before and after the proposed renovation action, the environmental benefits, the expected costs and time for the building renovation and the expected time of Return of the Investment (ROI), based on the savings in the annual operating costs.

By now, the tool is only available for internal use to e-SAFE experts, and it will be used in the design of the virtual pilots. Further developments will be included in the second release, expected in March 2023.

On May 16th, the e-DSS will be shown to 10 early adopters, who will test it and provide feedback on its user-friendliness and usefulness, from the perspective of future users.

Stay updated by following the further development of this tool through our website, the e-SAFE newsletter and social media!

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