The BUILD UP portal has a brand-new look!

The BUILD UP web portal is Europe's largest reference point for energy efficiency and renewable energy in the building and construction sector. It fosters knowledge, shares case studies, and transfers resources within the BUILD UP Community. The portal features the latest events, news, developments, policy legislation, and financial issues. e-SAFE relies on this platform to stay informed about specific topics and connect with colleagues working on projects similar to ours! 

Recently a new, modern, and more attractive portal has been launched, it prioritises user experience by placing them at the centre of the design updates. The portal features new and reorganised sections that enhance ease of navigation. 

In response to user feedback, the submission process for contributing content has been simplified, and now contributors and authors will be highlighted and promoted even more, giving also the opportunity to share their social media. Additionally, the new BUILD UP portal facilitates connections among registered users, promoting synergies and networking. 

It's worth noting that the new BUILD UP portal has become an official portal of the European Commission, meaning that registration and access follow EU Commission regulations and standards. 

Check out the new portal at the following link! 

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