Save the date: Tackling energy poverty for a just transition!

If you’ve been following the e-SAFE project and its progress, and you are into our mission towards the development of an innovative renovation system for seismic-proof buildings that includes energy efficiency and decarbonisation while ensuring cost savings, then the upcoming 3rd EESC Conference on Energy Poverty covers is an event you cannot miss! The conference addresses the above-mentioned topics of energy and just transition while placing special emphasis on energy poverty and EU’s commitment to eradicate it. 

The 3rd EESC Conference on Energy Poverty, themed “Tackling energy poverty for a just transition”, will take place on 19 July 2023 in Brussels at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

Following the 2021 and 2022 Conferences on Energy Poverty, this year’s edition will centre its discussion on tackling energy poverty amidst an unparalleled energy crisis intensified by the ongoing war in Ukraine. The conference aims to evaluate existing measures and review recommendations, focusing on the REPowerEU Plan, Europe’s primary policy aimed at addressing energy poverty, as it seeks an affordable energy supply and a well-functioning energy market. The focal point of the debates will be the effectiveness of the REPowerEU Plan in addressing the problem in the medium to long term and on the short-term measures needed to ensure a safe winter 2023/2024 for European citizens.

By fostering dialogue and cooperation between civil society organizations and governance levels, the main goal is to develop recommendations for a just and sustainable energy future.

The 2023 conference is built around four thematic panels, with a particular focus on dimensions of fuel poverty that need to be considered in policymaking:

  • Analysis of the relevance and effectiveness of REPowerEU in tackling energy poverty
  • The need for affordable and energy-efficient housing as a solution to alleviate fuel poverty and household housing stress
  • Analysis of the correlation between fuel poverty and transport poverty
  • Gender-sensitive recommendations for tackling fuel poverty

By evaluating current measures, identifying gaps, and proposing new approaches, the upcoming conference seeks to strengthen the fight against energy poverty and ensure a more equitable and sustainable energy transition.

We invite you to check the website for further information and to not miss such notable events!

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