e-SAFE at the event “One-stop-shops and integrated renovation solutions supporting EU-wide deep building transformation”!

Brussels, February 22, 2024 - In a pivotal event hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), e-SAFE proudly joined hands with two influential Horizon 2020 projects, Save the Homes and re-MODULEES. The symposium, themed "One-stop-shops and integrated renovation solutions supporting EU-wide deep building transformation," marked a momentous occasion for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among EU representatives, Horizon 2020 and LIFE project participants, and stakeholders from diverse sectors.  

The symposium addressed the critical need for extensive building renovations to meet the 2050 decarbonization targets, recognizing existing barriers in the residential sector. A plethora of solutions, including technical innovations, novel business models, and innovative financing schemes, have been developed under various European projects. The overarching goal of these initiatives is to support holistic, people-centered approaches throughout the renovation value chain. In this context, re-MODULEES emerged as a project striving to provide market uptake strategies and capitalize on the outcomes of EU-funded projects for deep renovation. 

 Key Insights and Highlights: 

  • Digital Revolution by re-MODULEES Project: The symposium showcased the cutting-edge digital platform developed by re-MODULEES, setting the stage for a digital revolution in standardized modules aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and providing clean energy solutions. The impact of this project reverberates across multiple EU countries, including Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Spain. 
  • Insights from EU Cities One-stop Shops: Save the Homes project shared invaluable insights drawn from practical experiences with physical renovation one-stop shops. This contributed a wealth of knowledge, particularly from successful models implemented in the Netherlands, Spain, and Slovenia. The real-world examples provided a blueprint for effective one-stop shops applicable to similar projects across Europe. 
  • Accelerating Impact Discussion: The symposium facilitated a comprehensive discussion on the transformative influence of innovative construction and renovation approaches on policy and the market. With a focus on the evolving landscape of integrated home renovation solutions, the event aimed to shape the future of sustainable building transformations. Expert discussions, sharing success stories, and collective contributions from thought leaders highlighted emerging trends and set the stage for industry evolution. 

The participation of  in this groundbreaking event reflects our commitment to advancing sustainable building practices and contributing to the broader European agenda for deep building transformation. 

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