Workshop with stakeholders of the e-SAFE Catania Local Platform

On October 1st, a Workshop with stakeholders will take place within the context of Catania Local Platform and the real pilot of the e-SAFE project.

The workshop is organised by the University of Catania in collaboration with BPIE (Building Performance Institute Europe) and Moverim. Researchers Laura Sajia (University of Catania), Rutger Broer (BPIE) and Victoria Taranu (BPIE) will present the findings of a literature review regarding techniques of engaging urban stakeholders in energy efficiency projects. Moverim’s director Laura Vivani will enrich the panel with some insights about the communication strategy that a local platform should adopt.

Following the presentation, participants will be invited to discuss the results, in the context of the multi-layered stakeholder engagement processes at the building, urban and European levels of the e-SAFE project. A strategy and practical techniques will be individuated for the Local Platform in Catania.

The workshop is part of the stakeholder engagement and co-design strategy of the e-SAFE project, aiming at a bidirectional dialog between the project partners and the stakeholders.

There will also be the possibility to participate in the workshop remotely via the zoom platform.To register, click on the following link.

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