Time to engage with locals: kick-off meeting of the local platform in Catania

The University of Catania, the leading partner of e-SAFE, will host a local event on Friday 9th of July 2021, from 5.30 to 8.0 pm (CET). The launch of our local platform will take place in Catania, at Auditorium De Carlo of Monastero dei Benedettini.

Several partners will join the meeting to present the e-SAFE project. Among them, ICAP Catania, a regional authority that owns, manages and provides public housing. The event will also kick off the activities of the local platform in Catania.

A local platform is a working group that involves both public and private actors in a co-design process. The idea is to develop and implement a tailored strategy to make renovation projects a driving force of the local economy. Engaging directly with stakeholders is a crucial step to achieve the project's aim of decarbonising residential buildings and improving their earthquake resilience.

Translating technical outputs into broader societal outcomes requires the active involvement of local stakeholders. The platform in Catania is a tangible example of how a project can go beyond the research dimension and have an impact on society. This impact-oriented approach reflects the current European Commission strategy toward research and innovation. Projects funded under the new Horizon Europe programme are now required to demonstrate how the research results will benefit society.

The kick-off event represents a valuable opportunity to learn more about the e-SAFE impact strategy and explore the role of the local platforms in delivering lasting and tangible result.

To learn more about the meeting agenda and participants, click on the following link.

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