Winners of the e-SAFE call for virtual pilots!

Last April, e-SAFE launched a call looking for multi-storey (at least three storeys) non-historical buildings  that are in earthquake-prone areas in Europe and in need of renovation.  The call was open to building owners or building managers, public or private entities that administer social housing or public buildings, as well as real estate brokers. 

e-SAFE is pleased to announce that the winners are: 

The two buildings will be awarded with free renovation advice to achieve an energy-efficient and earthquake-safe building! 

Our mission is to make building renovation affordable, quick, and to support a smooth, low-disruptive renovation process along the way.  

 The two buildings will receive: 

  • A survey and 3D models of the building;  
  • An energy audit, energy analysis, and structural simulations of the building; 
  • A detailed e-SAFE based renovation project through a co-design process with residents, covering architectural, energy-efficient and anti-seismic renovation solutions tailor-made for your building; 
  • Suggestions of viable financial support schemes to effectively implement energy and anti-seismic renovations; 
  • Visibility at the local and European level; 
  • Peace of mind!e-SAFE will equip with knowledge on how to best renovate the building including the required measures, processes, and cost estimations. 

 We cannot wait to work with them! 

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