Integrated techniques for the seismic strengthening and energy efficiency of existing buildings

e-SAFE partners from the University of Catania, which is leading the project, and Moverim, which is coordinating the communication and dissemination activities, attended the workshop “Integrated techniques for the seismic strengthening and energy efficiency of existing buildings” organized by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission.

This topic, at the heart of e-SAFE, is a priority in Europe: earthquakes threaten a large percentage of homes and public buildings and inefficient energy consumption from these outdated buildings is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

This workshop aimed at creating awareness among participants of the issue’s challenges and opportunities, engaging stakeholders to create a network for information exchange as well as presenting the JRC pilot project “REEBUILD”. This project combines renovation efforts that reduce building vulnerability to protect lives and energy efficiency in order to reduce CO2 emissions and tackle energy poverty, while reducing the retrofit’s environmental impact.

Both REEBUILD and e-SAFE projects directly supports several European Commission priorities including the Green Deal’s call for renovating in an energy and resource efficient way. Their goal is defining solutions that, at the same time and in the least invasive way, can both reduce seismic vulnerability and increase energy efficiency in such a way to produce a significant positive environmental impact.

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