Co-design workshops and mutual learning with stakeholders at the pilot site in Catania

WORKSHOP DAY 1: Conversation with Acquicella residents on the Mutual Learning Agreement

On the first day, e-SAFE was presented to the residents of Acquicella Porto by project representatives. Along with the presentation, a mutual learning agreement between residents, technicians, and IACP was also approved. The agreement took into account a detailed description of the project's phases and timelines, specifying the responsibilities of everyone at each step. For example, residents are bound to provide valuable data to technicians whilst technicians committed to meeting their deadlines.

WORKSHOP DAY 2: Sharing with residents how e-SAFE can help in terms of energy efficiency

During the second day, the workshop was dedicated to energy efficiency interventions and focused on future savings for residents of Acquicella Porto. In addition, accompanied by their residents, technicians conducted inspections inside each inhabitant’s apartment, this was necessary to obtain useful data for design purposes.

WORKSHOP DAY 3: presenting a model of the pilot site-building and showing seismic aspects

Thanks to the inspections carried out during the second meeting, and the fundamental contribution of students involved in the co-design activities, a maquette of the real pilot in Acquicella Porto was presented to residents during the third day. Focusing on seismic aspects, the maquette met two objectives:
1) raising awareness on the impact of an earthquake on the pilot building at its current state;
2) raising awareness on how the e-SAFE system would prevent such consequences.

WORKSHOP DAY 4: presenting a model of the pilot site-building and its future design with the e-SAFE technology

During the fourth meeting, the residents had the opportunity to focus on the aesthetic aspects of the building, and a second maquette allowed to better understand the inhabitant’s expectations and design preferences. This reflection allowed us to launch a photovoice activity where residents select photographs before reflecting upon the reasons, emotions, and experiences that have guided their choice.

WORKSHOP DAYS 5 & 6: presenting first drafts of the project and gathering feedback

Following the first four workshops, e-SAFE dedicated two more days to actually co-design tasks. This activity improved the dialogue and allowed a better understanding of the technical aspect and the inhabitant’s perspectives between both parties. Finally, after a day of hard work, students were able to present the first drafts of their projects to the residents, gathering initial feedback from them.  The final project is visible here 

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