The Equality platform for the energy sector, which is going to be presented during the EU Sustainable Energy Week on the 25th of October, aims at coordinating the stakeholders’ efforts to achieve equality in their workplaces and at offering a forum to discuss and exchange good practices on diversity and inclusiveness, which are central to accomplish the EU’s ambition of a clean energy transition (here more info on how to join the platform).

Equality in all its aspects - including gender, sex, race, religion, disability, age and sexual orientation - is a core principle of the EU and a fundamental right. It is also a driver of economic growth and social well-being. The issue of widely spread inequalities and the challenge of implementing a universal clean energy system must then be tackled together, in order to promote reciprocal benefitand to make systemic changes toward a just, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable future.

Energy interventions should be planned according to an intersectional framework that will ensure that pre-existing inequalities within different cultural, political and economic contexts are addressed as part of the transformation of the energy systems. Diversity is fundamental in creating equality. It is thus mandatory that the energy sector actively promotes equal opportunities at all levels, from decision-makers to consumers.

Addressing both inequality and the need to transform the European energy sector is exactly the mission e-SAFE has planned. The project’s activities go beyond green renovation on a single building. That is the tip of the iceberg which will unveil, throughout and after the completion of the project, a multifaceted transformation of society in sociological and economic terms. To create new, more durable and more sustainable homes for hundreds of citizens means giving them the chance to have equal opportunities as their richer counterparts.

Nonetheless, through its local platforms, e-SAFE is going to implement the strategies and results achieved within the Catania pilot project in other areas of Europe, stimulating a far-reaching change in the sector of energy requalification.

The driving forces of such a transformation will be the stakeholders of the e-SAFE community, which is growing rapidly thanks to our local platforms and their efforts to enlarge society’s participation in the project (the stakeholder community is led by two women from our consortium at e-SAFE!). A greater engagement today equals greater results tomorrow. So, join now and be part of the change!

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