Set Plan Virtual Conference 2020

The e-SAFE project took part in the SET Plan conference 2020: Making the SET Plan fit for the EU Green Recovery, which analysed the contribution of the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) to the objectives of the European Green Deal and to Europe's recovery from the current crisis.

During the conference, the speakers presented the main research and development components that will contribute to make European buildings and constructions more energy efficient. This transformation is a priority because around 75% of the building complex is energy inefficient, and many of these will still be standing in 2050. The Renovation Wave, the European Union's building renovation strategy, aims to increase the percentage of buildings renovated and upgraded to the new energy standards, which currently stands at 1%.

Our project is perfectly in line with these objectives, since it aims to develop a deep retrofitting system combining energy efficiency, seismic resistance, financial feasibility and other social-benefits. The system will be linked to the development of a new value chain aimed at pursuing its market uptake while boosting public awareness on the importance of building decarbonisation and seismic safety.

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