Exciting Opportunity: Open Call for Innovators by oPEN Lab project

The Network of building renovation projects, including e-SAFE and its sister project, oPEN Lab, is delighted to announce an exceptional opportunity for European innovators dedicated to advancing energy solutions. The oPEN Lab project has officially launched an open call seeking collaborators who are pioneering innovative solutions in energy consumption and reduction within the framework of Positive Energy Neighbourhoods (PENs).

About the Open Call

oPEN Lab is offering access to three Living Labs in Genk, Tartu, and Pamplona. These locations serve as real-world environments where innovators can deploy and test their technologies, benefiting from direct feedback from the communities involved.

Who Can Apply?

The call is open to SMEs, start-ups, large enterprises, research institutions, governments, and citizen associations. Applications from SMEs and start-ups are particularly encouraged, though individual applications are not eligible.

Opportunity Details

Participants will have the opportunity to co-design and test their solutions in active living environments, engaging directly with local users. This setting provides a unique platform for immediate feedback and the potential to influence future urban energy solutions.

For more details and to apply, please click here. This initiative is an excellent chance for innovators looking to impact the energy landscape through sustainable urban development!

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