e-SAFE Delighted to Join the Network of Building Renovation Projects Kick-off Meeting

In a significant milestone for the building renovation sector, the e-SAFE project took part in the Kick-off Meeting of the Network of Building Renovation Projects, a pivotal event organized by the REHOUSE project on March 12th.This collaboration marked a new chapter for stakeholders within the building renovation domain, bringing together like-minded projects for a common purpose.

The e-SAFE consortium was formally invited to this landmark meeting, which facilitated a series of collaborative endeavors with other projects focused on enhancing building renovation. This initiative sought to create a synergistic platform where projects could exchange knowledge, boost visibility, and collectively pursue their renovation goals.

Among the key activities that will be undertaken by e-SAFE are the establishment of mutual website links, the engagement of audiences on social media platforms, and the sharing of valuable resources. These strategic actions will be aimed not only at increasing the project's impact but also at contributing to the wider effort of transforming the building renovation landscape.

The Kick-off Meeting, which took place on Tuesday, March 12th, was a crucial opportunity for member projects to showcase their initiatives. This collaborative event served as a foundation for e-SAFE and similar projects to exchange insights, experiences, and best practices. By uniting efforts, they aim to further the efficiency, sustainability, and overall impact of building renovation projects across the industry.

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