e-SAFE Project Shines at BUILD UP Webinar on Inclusive and Aesthetic Renovation

On June 4th, the e-SAFE project participated in a webinar organized by BUILD UP and hosted by NEBULA, focusing on the theme "How to Make Renovation More Inclusive and Beautiful? – Renovation Projects Talk About the New European Bauhaus". The webinar drew nearly 100 participants and featured presentations from the EU-funded projects REHOUSE,  Drastice-SAFE, InCUBE  and Fortesie These projects are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for deep building renovations, aiming to support the EU Renovation Wave and align with the New European Bauhaus values of sustainability, inclusiveness, and aesthetics. 

Maria Grazia Nicolosi from UNICT represented the e-SAFE project, presenting on "Harmonizing Resilience, Sustainability, and Inclusion: The e-SAFE Project's Approach for Aesthetic, Energy-Efficient, and Earthquake-Safe Co-Designed Renovations". Nicolosi highlighted the project’s commitment to a co-design process that integrates architectural renovation with energy and seismic retrofitting. She discussed three case studies from Timisoara, Catania, and Bucharest, illustrating how the project emphasizes cooperation, participation, and beauty in its renovations. 

Nicolosi explained how e-SAFE aims to transform existing buildings into energy-efficient structures with a circular approach while ensuring they meet the social needs of occupants and promote inclusion. The project's methodologies encourage stakeholder dialogue, mutual learning, and the creation of aesthetically pleasing, resilient, and sustainable living spaces. 

This event underscores the critical role of collaborative and innovative approaches in achieving the EU’s 2050 targets for energy performance and sustainability in building renovations. The participation of e-SAFE and other projects in this webinar highlights the ongoing efforts to develop renovation solutions that are not only energy-efficient but also socially inclusive and beautiful. 

The recording of the webinar will be available soon  

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