e-SAFE invited at the Built4People clustering meeting!

We are delighted to announce that e-SAFE has received an invitation from CINEA and DG ENER to participate to a clustering meeting organised within the framework of the Built4People (B4P) Partnership! 

The event, organised by CINEA, in collaboration with the coordinator of the Horizon Europe NEBULA project, is scheduled to take place at the Agency’s headquarters in Brussels on September 25th, 2023. 

Built4People represents a co-programmed public-private partnership within Horizon Europe’s Cluster 5, bringing together projects focused on Climate, Energy and Mobility. This partnerships ensures strategic EU investments in projects meant to accelerate innovations, fostering a sustainable and people-centric transformation of Europe’s built environment sector. 

With a portfolio of 12 ongoing Horizon Europe projects, Built4People seamlessly integrates the entire value chain to accelerate innovation. Within this partnership’s framework, a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda has been developed, outlining the thematic areas for EU funding. 

The Built4People partnership plays a pivotal role in facilitating networking and clustering activities for EU-funded projects within Europe's built environment sector. Such activities provide a valuable opportunity to cultivate synergies among project consortia, exchange good practices, and steer future research and development endeavours. 

The clustering meeting will be rooted in bringing together 6 projects funded to date by the B4P calls, with several ongoing projects funded by earlier Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe Energy Efficiency calls, like e-SAFE. Each invited project will be given the opportunity to present its objectives, activities, and achievements to Built4People's partners, encompassing both the European Commission and private collaborators, as well as to the other project consortia.  

Furthermore, the event will be an opportunity for CINEA to present the Built4People Innovation Clusters to the audience. Indeed, private partners of the B4P partnership are initiating a network of clusters within the built environment domain, united by common ambitions, to enhance interdisciplinarity, multi-sectoral coverage, and European outreach. These clusters are committed to assessing their maturity levels within a dedicated framework and undertaking actions to elevate these levels, with support from the B4P partners. 

The meeting will then explore numerous forward-looking themes and delve into innovative thematic areas that perfectly align with e-SAFE's content. Specifically, it will spotlight innovative solutions for industrialized deep renovation and delve into strategies that combine energy efficiency with structural reinforcement. 

Moreover, the clustering event will also deepen other areas that are poised to shape the future of the built environment sector, including: 

  • Innovative renovation solutions grounded in circularity principles and prefabricated components. 
  • Integration of on-site renewable energy generation and grid integration. 
  • Innovative digital technologies for construction and renovation, encompassing BIM, digital twins, robotic systems, and automation. 
  • Innovative business models and construction workflows. 

e-SAFE is thrilled to be part of such an enriching event and believes it presents an incredible opportunity for our consortium to connect and draw inspiration from other projects dedicated to fostering a more sustainable and people-centric built environment sector! 

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