The pilot will be selected with a call for interest in the following months.

e-SAFE is looking for virtual pilots all over Europe. In the coming months, a call for interest will be launched to be widely distributed in a variety of languages. The call will ask European building owners and real estate brokers to declare an interest in having one of their properties used as a virtual pilot in the context of e-SAFE.

The selection will be a two-round process. After the launch of the call, letters will be examined in order to select a number of potential sites. These selected sites will then be asked for more information, allowing a more thorough final selection of the virtual pilots. The overall process will search for a high representativeness of the building features and the motivation of the owner, and will take into account the number of buildings that can potentially replicate the solution in the same district.

The e-SAFE co-design protocol will be applied to virtual pilots, as well as the e-SAFE engagement protocol for the establishment of Local Platforms.


Engagement Portal at the local level is user-friendly digital platform that combines traditional web-based interactive strategies (blogs, forms, etc.) with participatory GIS-based features, aimed at supporting the project alongside all three options of engagement.