e-SAFE’s ambitions go beyond demonstration activities on a single building. Deep renovation is a complex process, that touches on several aspects apparently different in nature: social inequalities, financial challenges, cultural and value systems, ecological goals, technological innovation, rules and procedures, territorial governance, etc.

In this respect, deep renovation can become an opportunity for mutual learning and integrative knowledge. This is the reason why e-SAFE supports the establishment of Local Platforms in each pilot sites. Local Platforms are groups of local stakeholders who will both support deep renovation at the building scale and figure out how to spur awareness on decarbonization and seismic preparedness at the urban scale, while facilitating the spreading of e-SAFE through place-based strategies and initiatives.

Bringing together different skills and experiences, stakeholders within the Local Platforms are engaged in synergic activities aiming at:

  • communicating real and virtual pilots works;

  • promoting awareness on decarbonisation;

  • envisaging interventions and identifying both resources and tools to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods where the real and virtual pilots are implemented, so to make buildings’ deep renovation the trigger for an urban renewal strategy.

Local Platforms are then committed to achieving the highest replicability of deep renovation interventions via multi-objective strategies able to deal with the complexity of the urban scale.

From a seismic-energy safety perspective, what are the priority areas of action? How can we support distressed and vulnerable neighborhoods? What financial models can guarantee fair market mechanisms and redistribution of resources? What are the most operative ways to build a culture of prevention on seismic risk?

Through a co-analysis process carried out in each local context, Local Platforms deal with these challenges with the aim of implementing concrete actions to make the ecological transition fair, not a fairy tale.

Local platforms