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Sep, 09 2021 (v1) Presentation Open Access

Preliminary investigation on the tranisent hygrothermal analysis of a CLT-based retrofit solution for exterior walls

Vincenzo Costanzo;

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This paper investigates the transient hygrothermal performance of an innovative energy and seismic renovation solution for reinforced concrete (RC) framed buildings, based on the addition of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels to the outer walls, in combination with wood-based insulation. This solution is being developed in the framework of a four-year EU-funded project called e-SAFE. The investigation relies on numerical simulations in DELPHIN 6.1, by considering combined heat and mass transfer (HAMT) due to water vapour diffusion and capillary transport. The proposed solution is tested in three different climates in Italy, to verify whether the CLT layer and the outer waterproof vapour-open membrane, inserted to protect the wood-based insulation from rain, still allow the effective drying of the vapour accumulated in liquid form in the walls, while also preventing mould formation. The results show that the increased thermal resistance of the wall assembly significantly reduces the total water content, although moderate risks of mould growth in the wooden materials may occur in coldest climates

Aug, 25 2021 (v1) Poster Open Access

Poster on e-SAFE thermal and acoustic requirements - IBPC Conference 2021

Gianpiero Evola;

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This poster has been presented and displayed at the 8th International Building Physics Conference (IBPC), held in Copenhagen (Denmark) from 24 to 27 August 2021. The poster summarizes the content of the paper entitled "The e-SAFE eneregy and seismic renovation solutions for the European building stock: main features and requirements".

Jul, 28 2021 (v1) Presentation Open Access


Barbagallo Francesca; Margani Giuseppe; Marino Edoardo Michele; Tardo Carola;

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This is the presentation given by Carola Tardo at the 8th International Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (COMPDYN)

Jul, 27 2021 (v1) Presentation Open Access

Hygrothermal analysis of CLT-based retrofit strategy of existing wall assemblies according to EN 13788 Standard

Costanzo Vincenzo;

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This presentation, given at the 6th AIGE/IIETA International Conference and 15th AIGE 2021 Conference, illustrates the preliminary results about the hygrothermal performance of the e-CLT retrofit solution, developed in the H2020-funded project e-SAFE.

Jul, 02 2021 (v1) Journal article Open Access

Hygrothermal and Acoustic Performance of Two Innovative Envelope Renovation Solutions Developed in the e-SAFE Project

Evola Gianpiero; Costanzo Vincenzo; Marletta Luigi;

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In order to reach the ambitious decarbonizing goals set by the European Union for 2030, deep renovation of the existing European building stock is a key issue. Within this context, the recently funded H2020 project “e-SAFE” is investigating market-ready wooden envelope renovation solutions for non-historic buildings, which encompass both energy and seismic improvement. The research carried out in the project aims at developing, testing and demonstrating these solutions on a real pilot. More specifically, this paper presents preliminary analyses to verify that the solutions satisfy the requisites set by the national regulations in force in most European countries, in terms of hygrothermal and acoustic performance. The analysis, carried out following relevant technical European Standards and based on calculations, considers different climate conditions and existing wall structures, selected amongst those most commonly adopted in Europe. The results show that the addition of a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) layer with some wooden-based insulation on the outer side allows reaching very good thermal and acoustic performance. However, interstitial
condensation may occur in cold climates under high indoor humidity values. This aspect deserves further investigation accounting for the transient behavior of the walls and all vapor transport mechanisms.

Jul, 02 2021 (v1) Report Open Access

Deliverable D3.1 - Report with e-SAFE requirements

Vincenzo Costanzo; Gianpiero Evola; Giuseppe Margani; Edoardo Michele Marino; Carola Tardo; Luca Guardigli; Giovanni Semprini; Roberto Tomasi; Christian Halmdienst; Bart Voortman; Christos Zagorianakos;

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The aim of this document is to identify the current thermal, acoustic, seismic, technical, safety and environmental directives, standards and regulations, which apply to the various e-SAFE retrofit solutions at European level.
Then, a preliminary analysis of the expected thermo-hygrometric, acoustic, seismic, technological and safety performances of the various solutions and technologies deployed is presented and discussed in detail in order to point out potential issues needing further detailed studies. The activity has also assessed the relevance of the existing normative framework, both at component and
system level, in order to derive specifications for the e-PANEL and e-CLT products development.